Nendoroid More: Dress Up Bunny (Single Bunny Body Mystery Box)

Good Smile Company

  • $15.00

A new set of bunny outfits is coming to the Nendoroid More: Dress Up series!

The Nendoroid More series was created to make Nendoroids even more enjoyable, and the next addition to the "Dress Up" series is here to do just that - Dress Up Bunny! The line-up features several colors including black, white, pink and gold as well as red and sky blue color versions that feature a different chest size for a total of 6 varieties. Be sure to add these outfits to your collection!


Item consists of 1 individually packaged Mystery Box bunny body. Mystery Box bunny body colors are not marked, and will be chosen at random. Purchase the Complete Set Box to guarantee 1 of each color.

*Images are for illustrative purposes only. No Nendoroid head parts are included with this product.



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