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It's coming...slowly but surely...

So getting to the official launch of has been a SLOW process...much slower than I originally anticipated. But the end is finally in sight! The website is coming together at last and my inventory is starting to build to a legitimate level. I still need to invest more into inventory, but startup and operating expenses have exceeded my original projections, which is to be expected I guess, but it just means that I don't have as much inventory on hand as I would like. But that's ok because the best things in life take time to build! Here's to delayed gratification!


My goal has shifted from supplying just currently available figmas and Nendoroids to making sure that ALL figmas and Nendoroids, even the older, harder to come by ones are available to collectors. So I will try to hold less multiples in inventory, but that will allow me to build a wider range of figures available for purchase. My vision is that eventually, when the older figures start to get harder and harder to find, you'll have a place that you can rely on to find those figures!


In addition to the figures, I've added a reading section that will include some manga and light novels. As a writer myself, I absolutely LOVE the Japanese style of storytelling and I find it far more compelling that our typical western style. I want to do what I can to promote eastern literature here in the United States! That's why I intend to keep only a small selection of books in inventory because I won't stock anything that I haven't already read myself and can 100% recommend to people interested in the genre. With that in mind, I'll be building the library with a foundation on my two favorite Japanese authors: Nisio Isin and Reki Kawahara, authors of The Monogatari Series and Sword Art Online, respectively. I adore both of their work and would love others to experience their writing as well. I've also included the beautifully written "Your Name" and "Spice and Wolf" as well.


So all in all, it's really coming along! Just a few more finishing touches and we'll be officially open for business! The site is fully functional as is, but still is missing some menus and non-essential sections (in case anyone wants to put in an order!).

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