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Anime Matsuri 2019: A HUGE SUCCESS!

Anime Matsuri 2019: A HUGE SUCCESS!


The weekend of June 14-16 was one for the history books! This weekend marked figmaWORLD's first ever attendance at a convention as a vendor. And in the spirit of "go big or go home," we decided that our first one needed to be one of the biggest anime conventions in the state of Texas: ANIME MATSURI! 


Given that this was our first convention EVER, there were plenty of kinks that needed to be ironed out along the way, but overall it was an amazing experience and now I know I'm ready for many more conventions to come in the future! Among the last minute, frantic preparations were new business cards, figmaWORLD trade show banners, a complete logo redesign, inventory stock-up, several website changes, and my very own figmaWORLD uniform! (aka a homemade Saitama cosplay get up). Amazingly enough, it all came together the night before opening day, and we were ready to sell, sell, sell, and enjoy all the other festivities at the convention!


And how did it go? Well, I'm proud to say that we sold over 80% of our entire inventory! While that means the website looks a little scant for the time being, the exciting part is that we get to restock with tons of new figmas and Nendoroids! And we will definitely need to restock quickly with our second anime convention coming up in just two months...AnimeFest 2019 in Dallas, TX. Hope to see you there!


And if you're wondering where our booth is located...just keep an eye out for One Punch Man!

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